Sick Day Box

The Sick Day Survival Kit

Everything you need to make it through a sick day.

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What's Inside

Amazon Movie Rental

Included in the box is a gift card for one movie rental from Amazon.


You know the old "hand on the forehead trick" doesn't cut it.


Immune boosting Vitamin C, B Vitamins, and Electrolytes. It's never too late.

Hot Cocoa

Because not all drinks needs to be "healthy" when you are sick.

Saltines + Chicken Noodle Soup

What's a sick day without some chicken noodle soup and some Saltines in the mix? 

Ginger Drops

Feeling queasy? These ginger candies are a safe and tasty fix.

And so much more...

Ginger ale

Herbal Tea

Breath Mints


Cough Drops 

Really helpful and useful for 20 somethings like me. I never take care of myself so I'm glad this box does. 🤧

– Mary - California

For someone you care about

Perfect for the less than prepared students, friends, and coworkers in your life.

Send Sick Day Box to that special someone to show them you care. Sometimes we all need a mom-in-a-box to make sure there is soup and ginger ale on hand for the next time we wake up feeling sick. Who wants to run out to the store on a sick day?

Gift It

Stock up the office.

Weather any storm with a 3 pack of Sick Day Boxes for the office.

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